3 Tips to Make Yoga a Priority in the New Year

Along with a new year, most individuals are looking forward to making a few resolutions for ways to improve themselves in the coming months. Perhaps, the most popular resolution for a new year is to improve your overall fitness level. Many people will sign up for gym memberships at the beginning of the year, but it’s also a great time for yogis to find their way back to the mat after a chaotic holiday season.

Do you want to make yoga a priority this year but aren’t sure how to get started? You can strive to make yoga more important in your daily life by incorporating a few of these strategies into your routine.

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Practice yoga first thing in the morning.

Once you roll out of bed, it’s easy to allow the rest of the day to slowly slip away from you. You may get stuck at the office for a little while longer than you planned. Maybe your friends invited you out to dinner at the exact time as your usual yoga class. Excuses are bound to pop up when you wait until the end of the day to embrace your yoga routine.

You may find that yoga becomes more of a priority for you when you practice as soon as you wake up in the morning. Take a few moments to splash cold water on your face and energize yourself before you unroll the mat. Then, you have a few moments each morning to center yourself and commit to your practice before the day becomes chaotic.

Pay for classes in advance.

Some yogis simply prefer the atmosphere of an actual class instead of a home-based practice. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for attending a yoga class is to pay the studio for a certain number of classes in advance. Many studios will offer passes for five or 10 classes at a time. Go ahead and purchase one of these tickets and write the class schedule down in your planner.

When the money is already spent on the instruction, you’re less likely to attempt to skip class one night. You don’t want your hard-earned dollars going to waste, do you?

Place reminders of your practice around the home.

When you can see the tangible reminders of your yoga practice, you may be more likely to unroll the mat. Perhaps, you leave out an incense burner or some mala beads on the coffee table. You may simply leave out your rolled-up yoga mat in one corner of the living room. Whatever elements are most important to your practice, make sure you leave them somewhere that you will see them throughout the day.

Prioritizing your yoga practice is a great way to bring health and wholeness into the new year with you. By implementing a few of these key strategies, you may find yourself spending more time than ever on your yoga mat this year.


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